Latte Abroad: exploring the world

Creativity is a complex connection of references.

From the beginning of my career I learned that the more references you have, the greater the chances of having creative ideas for projects. Sometimes it is an unlikely connection between elements, concepts, designs, applications, etc. can bring something new and at the same time intelligent.

To that end, I noticed that traveling always fueled this creative baggage. And why not make it a routine?

With this came Latte Abroad, where from time to time I will spend days, weeks or even months in other countries. Let's say, a semi-digital nomad, lol... During this period I will serve clients remotely, always with the same rigor and dedication as always.

The first experience took place at the end of 2021, with a busy 35-day trip to Miami, Playa del Carmen and Mexico City, as well as a few more quick trips to other nearby cities. In the galleries below, just a glimpse of what happened!

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Miamia. USA
Playa del Carmen. Mexico
Mexico City . Mexico