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CHANGE. This summed up the new phase of the social media agency It's Digital. With a questioning profile and always seeking to “step out of the box”, It's aimed for a brand that conveys more impact and coherence with the moment it was going through. Our challenge was, in addition to showing this new scenario, to create a bold, creative and intelligent identity.

In this way we created a changeable brand, which symbolizes the synergy between It's and different universes, showing its versatility in relationships, in addition to its youthful stance through vibrant colors and contemporary fonts.

On the website, we seek to represent the fusion between It's and the visitor/company with the movements of the two parts of the image meeting and becoming one. Furthermore, on the home page there is an interaction with the visitor, where they can type their name and on the next page, the title “it's (your name)” appears.

The brand was selected at the 10th Graphic Design Biennial; and the website was nominated in the Awwwards competition and is a highlight of the 11th Graphic Design Biennial.

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